AIPAD IDO Participation Guide

Participation Guide: How to Join IDOs on AIPad

AIPad, a revolutionary new Launchpad for AI and cryptocurrency, is set to revolutionize the crypto world with its cutting-edge projects that harness the power of artificial intelligence.

Leaderboard Introduction

AIPad's gamified leaderboard provides an innovative and interactive way for the community to participate in IDOs hosted on our platform.
Only KYC-approved wallet holders can access the leaderboard, with their score and placement determining their tier and allocation.

How to obtain a tier and participate in an IDO on AIPad?

The AIPad website features a leaderboard displaying user scores. The top 1,000 users on the leaderboard are guaranteed a project allocation. There are allocation size tiers, such as the top 100, 101-200, and so on.
What is required to qualify for the leaderboard?
✅Pass the one time KYC process. To learn how to do this, click here.
Note: Users who have completed the KYC verification process will see a green KYC button on the AIPad app and will have received an approval email from KYCAID, our KYC partner. To participate in the IDO, users must complete KYC verification at least 24 hours prior.
✅Hold #AIPAD tokens in your wallet for at least 21 days to earn a higher multiplier and climb up the leaderboard. To learn more about how the leaderboard operates, click here.
Note: although users in the top 500 of the leaderboard are not obligated to join the whitelist, we suggest doing so to secure a spot in case any of the top 500 participants drop out. Whitelisted participants will have priority.
However, if a user's score does not place them in the top 1000 of the leaderboard, they will be added to a lottery draw. The higher the score, the higher the ranking, which leads to a greater number of lottery tickets as follows:
Rank 1001 to 2000 - 4 lottery tickets
Rank 2001 to 3000 - 3 lottery tickets
Rank 3001 to 4000 - 2 lottery tickets, and
Rank 4001 to 5000 - 1 lottery ticket.

To summarize, anyone interested in qualifying for an IDO on AIPad must follow these three straightforward steps:

  1. 1.
    Pass the on time KYC process
  2. 2.
    Secure position in the leaderboard
  3. 3.
    Participate in the IDO
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