Leaderboard Tier System

AIPad LEADERBOARD - A Deep Dive into AIPad's Leaderboard

Leaderboard Introduction

AIPad is pleased to announce the introduction of a gamified leaderboard, which offers our community innovative and interactive methods of participating in IDOs hosted on our platform. The leaderboard is accessible to all individuals possessing a KYC-approved wallet. Your placement and score on the leaderboard will determine your tier and subsequent allocation.
Token Holding
AIPad's leaderboard includes a holding component that incentivizes users to maintain their tokens for a predetermined duration. This component's score is calculated by capturing users' token holdings once daily over 21 days, during which a multiplier is applied, beginning at 2x on day -21 and gradually decreasing to 1x on day -1.
The score is calculated based on token holding. We may later introduce another element to determine the score on the leaderboard. This will be communicated accordingly.
The score is calculated based on token holding so tokens sold will not be included in the calculation. We may introduce another element for leaderboard boosts. Further details will be provided in due course. Stay tuned for updates.

The Leaderboard

AIPad's website will display the leaderboard, which showcases user scores. The top 1,000 users on the leaderboard are guaranteed an allocation in the project. AIPad has established allocation size tiers, including the top 100, 101-200, and so forth. Users not in the confirmed allocation list will be entered into a lottery draw:
  • Rank 1001 to 2000 - 4 lottery tickets
  • Rank 2001 to 3000 - 3 lottery tickets
  • Rank 3001 to 4000 - 2 lottery tickets, and
  • Rank 4001 to 5000 - 1 lottery ticket.
To qualify for the leaderboard, users must complete the KYC process. While a whitelist is not mandatory for the top 500 users, a greater number of users are allowed to prevent issues arising from individuals dropping out of the top 500 at the last minute.


Users within the top 500 of the leaderboard are not required to join the whitelist. However, if you are competing for a position near the top 500, it is advisable to err on the side of caution and join the whitelist!


AIPad's leaderboard offers a cutting-edge solution to motivate users to retain its native tokens. By compensating users for both their holding and other metrics, AIPad has developed a more interactive and satisfying experience for its user base. With its distinctive approach to token economics, AIPad is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the blockchain sector.