How To Participate in one of a kind token offering: FlexMeme

The much awaited launch of FlexMeme is taking place on April 26th at 2pm UTC!

FlexMeme is one of a kind token offering in that it will not have a typical IDO event. Only selected wallets will be able to purchase the $FLEX token before the public buy.

How does it work?

FlexMeme will have an anti-bot time system for the first few minutes of the token launch. However, certain wallets will be whitelisted and thus given priority to purchase the #FLEX token on the UniSwap DEX before becoming available to the public. Wallets given this priority will be able to purchase a TBA number of tokens for the first few minutes of the token launch. Details to be released on the day of launch: April 26th
There are three ways to receive the priority whitelist:
  • Top 1000 AiPad Leaderboard users
  • Top 100 Magikal $MGKL token holders
  • Top 250 GameZone NFT holders that bought GameZone x Flex voucher to mint the limited collection of FLEX NFTs on Magikal
  • Public whitelist: winners from various marketing campaigns (for more info click here).
The Top 1000 AiPad Leaderboard users and Top 100 $MGKL will be selected via an automatic snapshot taken anytime between April 20th and April 25th. Whitelisted winners will be announced on April 25th at 2pm UTC.
Note: please be aware that although the whitelisted wallets have priority access to buy $FLEX tokens before the general public, there is no guarantee of successful purchase. This is because the process is based on paying enough network gas alongside the other whitelisted wallets. Due to expected high gas fee volatility to increase chances of success we recommend buying with a higher slippage. Therefore, even if you are whitelisted, securing your $FLEX tokens will depend on bidding enough gas to outcompete other participants.
$FLEX token listing will take place on the 26th April on UniSwap at 2pm UTC. The contract + Dextools link will be announced 1 hour before launch in the official FlexMeme TG group).

How to purchase $FLEX:

  • $FLEX will be available to purchase on April 26th from 2pm UTC on UniSwap
  • Connect your wallet to UniSwap (make sure you're on the Ethereum blockchain)
  • Ensure you have enough ETH to spend on gas & buy the token
  • Buy $FLEX
That's it! Enjoy your bag of $FLEX.
Anti-bot rules will be revealed 30 minutes before launch at 1.30 PM UTC.
  • How many minutes
  • Buy limit
  • Higher sell fee during anti-bot